It is hard to let things go... 


Your great Aunt Lydia had a beautiful home in Boston and when she passed away 15 years ago, you were given a cut crystal vase and handmade quilt. You thanked your mother and they have been at the top of a closet in all four apartments you have lived in since, along with a sculpture you bought with your ex-husband (of course before he was your ex-husband).

It's hard to let things go, and yet, when we have too much clutter, we don’t have room for new possibilities. Let me help you take the stress out of creating a harmonious, beautiful home. 

The Reconsider service offering is about working with you to help decide which possessions make your heart leap for joy and which ones might be better off helping someone with far less than you. It is also well suited to and an integral part of a Downsizing project.